The fabric mask, a sustainable solution

 |  Alexandre Eftimie

Since the start of the pandemic, the mask has become an essential item. Some hate it, others play it, but the main concern arising from its use remains, once and for all, ecology. Disposable masks everywhere, in the street, in the fields, in the seas ... Indeed, more and more voices are rising to denounce this pollution. This is why, at Masks Custom, we truly believe that using fabric, washable (60 degrees) and reusable masks is an objective way to limit waste and waste.

You could tell us that there is nothing innovative in this process. Indeed, the fabric mask is ancestral. Our sole ambition is to give you the opportunity to create your own masks, with your own designs, while respecting the environment. Note also that our masks are comfortable to wear and less irritating than disposable ones.

The fabric mask offers a mechanical barrier limiting saliva projections. We advise you, however, to follow the official recommendations in this matter. For the moment, this is a rudimentary means of protection, the major advantage of which is that it does not pollute excessively.

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